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What Is the Knowledge of Noticing Project?

The Knowledge-of-Noticing Project (otherwise referred to as the KoN Project) engages West Virginia elementary teachers in sustained professional learning surrounding their science teaching practice. We focus on supporting teachers in building their Teacher Noticing practice across the work of teaching science – in planning lessons, in teaching, and in assessing student understanding. Through this lens, we focus on both WHAT we have to teach (WV Science Standards) and HOW we teach it (approach).   

What is Teacher Noticing?

Teacher Noticing involves attending to, making sense of, and responding to children’s everyday thinking about how things work and why things happen in the natural world. Science teaching that places children’s everyday thinking front and center is not only effective, but it is also fun, engaging, and meaningful. Our goal is to create a teacher learning community that approaches science teaching from a place of curiosity and joy for BOTH you and your students.

Why Does KoN Focus on Teacher Noticing and Children’s Everyday Thinking?

Children experience scientific phenomena as they interact in the physical world. These experiences make children think—How does that work? Why did that happen? Children’s initial ideas—their everyday thinking—provide the foundation for science learning. In classroom contexts, these ideas provide the basis from which children construct scientific understanding.

Making what children say and do central in science teaching practice is what motivates the WV science standards and many of the efforts from teachers to school leaders to university faculty (and others) to change the way science is taught and learned in schools. We need to teach in ways that use children’s everyday thinking as not only the starting point, but the basis for constructing scientific understanding of why things work and how things happen in the natural world. And since children say and do some really interesting (and funny) things—when we make their thinking central in our practice, teaching science can be quite exhilarating, fun, and, dare we say, joyful!

KoN Project PD Focus and Format


Science teaching that centers children’s thinking and ideas and uses children’s thinking and doing to drive the learning in science classrooms. Focus is on both WHAT we have to teach (WV science standards) and HOW we teach it (approach).


Web-based, highly interactive, collaborative professional learning community.

  • Sustained and Ongoing PD: 8 sessions (3-4 hours each) over 4 months
  • Flexible: Synchronous and Asynchronous Activity
  • Practice-Based Teacher Learning (embedded in your teaching context)

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